Information on the Vashikaran Ceremony



 From ancient times Vashikaran is the most powerful ceremony that can give you power, love, success and is the guru of all the spells. Vashikaran was invented during the era of Ancient India and is used as a weapon to remove all the obstacles,  problems and sufferings from one person’s life.

 Many times however hard work you may do , there may always be failure, you may lose your confidence thinking that failure is in your destiny as all the attempts in being successful  has failed, even spells are not helping you , then it is only Vashikaran that can change your destiny and can bring success and happiness in your life.

 Also Vashikaran has done wonders in solving any type of Love Problems. If you are looking for your soul mate, or if you have lost your love, or the person you love is losing interest in you etc., then with the power of Vashikaran you can get back your lost love and live a happily married life.

Vashikaran healthy lifestyle

 Also various health problems can be cured by Vashikaran.

 If you are using Vashikaran for yourself, then it will work on all the aspects of your life. It will build a positive aura around you, and then the spell will work on your stars, horoscope, and whatever is missing or whatever is required to bring happiness in your life , Vashikaran will work In that field and will do wonders to your life.

 Also it will increase your life span, by destroying all the obstacles from your life and will destroy all the hidden diseases that are there in your body.


It is not possible for any person to do the  VASHIKARAN CEREMONY. I have seen there are many who claim to be a Vashikaran experts etc, but all this is not true. Vashikaran Gurus are not easily available we have to look for them, search for the wise guru. Such Sacred Gurus are found on the holy mountains where they do meditation for years and then they get the powers to do the Vashikaran on others but again this is only to help someone and not to destroy any one.


For preparation of Vashikaran Kit, you need at least 7 gurus, who are invited from the holy mountains. They will see the picture of the face  and the palm of the person for whom the Vashikaran Kit has to be prepared. And when this  person will use the Vashikaran Kit then he/she will get the powers of Vashikaran that will change his life .


Now what these Gurus do is that after reading the face and palm lines, they do the ceremonies and infuse powers in the gem stones and rudraksh that is used as the Vashikaran kit. Depending on the person different types of gem stones are used and strong powers and energies are infused in the gem stones which then become as divine power and after the ceremonies are done the Vashikaran Kit is prepared and is ready to use.


As I have said before that the Vashikaran Kit will consist of gem stones and rudraksh. Now what  you will need to do is take the gem stones in your palm, close your palm and take energies and power  from the stone. You will have to do this every day and then in 3 months the stones will start getting vibrating and will emit energies and will give you the power that you are looking for. Remember you will have to take the energy or power from the stone every day that will be morning and night and this has to be done with full concentration. And once this is done correctly then your life is guaranteed to change as  Vashikaran is the only ceremony that has never failed and has always given positive results.


Also Vashikaran is a very costly ceremony as it involves inviting of sacred gurus from the holy mountains, then costly ceremonies are done, proper gem stones are used and then the Vashikaram Kit is prepared. As it is very costly that’s why only when all other spells have failed and you don’t see any way of getting your happiness back in your life then in such extreme conditions VASHIKARAN is used. If you may have any questions you can always email me



I am Rajesh from Delhi Inda. Yes your Vashikaran kit has changed my life.

Because of you today my love is with me. I had lost her but after taking your help, I got married to my love and now I am very happy thanks a lot.

love declaration


Hi I am Sheena. Yes I am ready for my testimony on the use of the Vashikaran Kit. I was married 5 years back and my hubby did not love and had no time for me. I was depressed and very sad, there was a time I even had suicidal thoughts. But then I consulted Dr Saulat. And upon his advice I used Vashikaran on my husband. Slowly I could see my husband changing and loving me. Today after 2 years I am happy and satisfied and then I am giving this testimony. Thanks a lot.




Naveen here. I have just started using the Vashikaran Kit. I was jobless and no money to eat and survive. Now it has been 2 months I am taking Dr Saulats help and guidance, and now I have a steady job and doing good progress. Soon will be writing more.[/wpgfxm_contentbox]

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