What is Spiritual Healing About?

Spiritual healing aims at improving and maintaining the health of the person fighting with the external disease. Because, when the energy body is made strong, the physical body can deal with the disease efficiently. Spiritual healing is proven to be effective in curing diseases and ailments where routine medication might fail. Our basic human physiology is made up of energy particles that function together in harmony that enable us to perform our daily duties. The universal wellbeing in our physical health combined with our mental health is often referred to as spiritual health. When either of them fails to function properly or is damaged due to some external factors, our daily routine life also takes a beating resulting in tragic events. However, like accidents and fractures that can be set right with medication and treatment, spiritual wellbeing can also be cured with the aid of spiritual healing.

Dr. Saulat’s spiritual healing work consists of ceremonies and prayers that are very efficient in helping people overcome health issues of both physical and mental nature.

Spiritual healing prayers work always. Only the time factor varies. It is different for everybody. Some experience radical changes within a short period, other need waiting a bit longer. If the client understands that being positive and hopeful, results come in much faster. Negative clients will need changing their attitude first.

The primary spiritual healing costs USD97. If you require one, please send an email (spellscentre at gmail.com )with your full name,  country and place of living, issues (physical , money problems, stress, etc.). Dr. Saulat informs you within 48 hours whether he can accept your query.