What exactly is soul mate and how can we find our soul mate?

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Now soul mate is some one that can make our life beautiful, you can enjoy a most perfect romantic relation with your soul mate, it is some one that can change your life, can bring peace and love in your life at the same time. Your life will be complete; its like once you have your soul mate you will not need any friend or any one in your life. Your soul mate will make you realize the importance of love, when you will meet your soul mate you will feel the positive vibrations in your body.

Now what is a soul mate, it is someone who is always available when you need him or her, someone who can love you un conditionally, accept you as you are and will make you feel special when you are with him or her. Soul mate is your romantic partner with whom you connect spiritually and he will make you feel like a complete person.

 How will you know if a person is your soul mate?

This is very simple as I had said before once you meet your soul mate you will feel that your life is complete, he is someone who will think of you and care of you and you will do the same. Many times your soul mate may think of you the same time you are thinking of them. Many times they know what exactly is running in your mind, they can read your face, many times they will do things for you before you may tell them to do. When you will meet your soul mate there will be a spiritual connection, you will want to talk to him or her for hours, time will fly talking them, you will feel inner peace and happiness.

 You will feel that you know him or her from before like you have seen him in dreams, like he or she is someone from your past life. It is like a reunion of 2 souls.


Now you have this question that how you will find your soul mate. Where to look for your soul mate and how to search for your soul mate?. The answer to your question is that you can never find your  soul mate, but when the correct time will come they will automatically come into your life. If you will look for any dating website to find your soul mate you will end up in more problem and loneliness.

Soul mate will come in your life when the correct time comes, when you realize there is something going to happen, a big change is going to take place in your life. I have noticed this and even experienced that soul mate will come in your life when the time is right, when you need someone or when something bad has happened and you feel that there is a dead end and you are alone and lonely. When at this time you notice that your soul mate has come in your life. That time will not be a co incidence. It will be on purpose, the universe will make you meet your soul mate at that time. Furthermore when you meet such a person things will just happen. You will meet him or her and they will meet you, the timing will be perfect and the bond that you will share with him or her will be unexplainable. You will be happy and your soul will be connected to the soul of your soul mate.


Now there are something called Small Time Soul Mates that help you to grow and you learn many things from them and you may go ahead in your life.

I will give you an example so that you may understand what I am talking about. Like for example you are a person with a terrible anger and you feel that no one loves you and you feel lonely, now at this stage of life you may meet someone, the timing of meeting is perfect, you feel special when you are with him, you enjoy his company so much that you even accept his mistakes and learn to forgive him, he gives you the confidence of facing people and during this journey you grow and learn many things. Now this friend has made you grow in life, you have learnt to be strong and learned how to be positive and having a positive approach in life.

Now lets say something worse or disastrous  thing happens in your life, this friend of yours suddenly stops talking to you, like avoiding you, he is meeting and talking to other friends but not talking to you, how much efforts you have tried to contact him has failed.

This is what I will say a testing phase of life where life is taking your test as what have you learned from this experience. It’s like this experience has made you more strong and positive in your life. You will know that whoever you meet in your life you don’t have to trust such a person blindly, you will also avoid meeting lots of people who are useless as you will be then matured enough as who is useful to you and who is not useful to you and you will be away from all those who you know will waste your time so you will grow more and will be more confident then before. Its like such experience that will make you more strong and then you will go ahead in your life with a more stronger and positive approach to your life. Also you will be thankful to that person for teaching you how to live, you will also forgive him.

This the reason I call such relations small time soul mate connection and they are not permanent and don’t last long but in return they teach you many things in your life and you do accept and understand what is rejection and how you have to be positive and go ahead in your life.

 So, remember life does take our test and that’s why you have to be mentally prepared and mentally strong to face any type of problems and learn from them and become more strong and powerful.

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