Objects that can be of any metal, or even a paper on which there are spiritual carvings or seals, that is responsible to help the owner and protect him are called Magical Talismans or Magical Charms. Magical Talismans prepared depending on the owners horoscope, and stars are used to bring success, happiness, love, money and even protection to the wearer. In many religions, Talismans play a crucial role, as wearing them around the neck will help the wearer in many ways. The talismans emit energies and vibrations and will do wonders for the wearer.


There are many tribes specially in INDIA who use talismans as a symbol of protections, like, for example, ELEPHANT which is supposed to be huge and powerful and also very active in many ways, so picture of elephant drawn on a metal and when worn on the neck is said to give protection to the wearer.

Elephant Talisman is seen by lots of Traditions as a sign of substantial phenomenon and suitable circumstances. Also if you can’t wear the talisman as some times many people are not comfortable in wearing the talisman then you can also put the talisman in your pocket or purse, the Magical Talisman will give you similar results. Also you can take a small paper and draw the talisman on the paper, then take a silver or gold locket that can be in the form of a funnel or cone, put the talisman in the locket and wear it as jewelry also.


So any object which is believed to have magic qualities that can help you in your day to day life is called a Magical Talisman that will always protect you and will give you success and happiness.

Here is a talisman  you can print out for yourself:

talisman elephant
your lucky talisman as a white elephant

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