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PLEASE NOTE: These spells cost $39.95 or $48.95 and you get an email about the time of spell cast. Email communication only, you will get no physical spiritual goods like a talisman. No S&H costs.


Dr. Saulat casts the spell in your name once or twice (your choice). After paying via Paypal, you get an email with a special image. Please download, and use, it for 14 days during  daily gratitude practice (3-5 minutes).

Please, be positive while waiting for the results.  Now, although your spell isn’t cast just yet, I can tell you that we are about to enter 2017 a very auspicious time… a time when the astral energies are extremely potent… These energies help to shape the events and experiences in your life, so being positive and grateful  will be crucial to taking advantage of all the opportunities this “the spell together with this cosmic shift” has to offer! Some people will be affected more than others but rest assured, this will be a time when you will be able to achieve amazing things!

Some examples you can ask for regarding MONEY:

Erasing debt by finding a fulfilling and good paying jobFinding a bettter job spell

Please cast a Good Job Money Spell for me.

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spell for learning girlMore Money for Better Learningpupil
Please, cast a Better Learning Abilities Money Spell for me

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More Money for a New Househouse for sale spell

Please, cast a New House Money Spell for me

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More Money for a New Carred car
Please, cast a New Car Spell for me

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More Money for My HobbiesBe excited
Please, cast a My Hobby Makes Me Rich Money Spell for me


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Better Relationship with Family MembersSpells for more love

Bring My Ex Back

I do not want to see my ex again

I Love him/her, please make him/her fall in love with me.

Yes, I need more love. Please, cast a love spell for me.

By choosing a love spell, please provide the data (name, birth date) of your partner/special person, and describe the situation as well as your wish.

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These spells cost $90 + $100 S&H and you get the best spiritual talisman filled with energy you can use for your special goals. The custom spell can be extended by personal chat guidance (60 minutes, $90) via Skype  based on your horoscope chart.

Custom spells work most of the time within weeks.

Please cast a Specialty Custom Spell for me. I provide all necessary data and information in order to be as special as I only can about my wish.

Specialty Custom Spell




Extreme cases VASHIKARAN is a very special and costly series of ceremonies and spells that should used by people only who can afford $1800 and will use its unique talismans for life-changing goals. You can ask for the big breakthrough in every area of your life. This spell is very efficient, however it takes usually at least 90 days to start working. There is a special ceremony you need to fulfill every day during this period of 3 months – and you can trust your good destiny. You will understand your inner self better and will have the sense, when you have to take intentional action.


Shipping & Handling cost USD100. Reason: You get your spiritual goods via DHL.

1. Choose your product and pay via Paypal
spell2.  Send an email with “SPELL ORDER” in the subject line to [email protected]

Please provide the following information:

  • Paypal transaction ID
  • NAME
  • POSTAL ADDRESS (for your special talisman)
  • BIRTH DATA (place of birth, year, month, day and if you know, hour and minute)
  • YOUR SPECIAL WISH (what should the spell cover?)
    – money
    – health
    – love (please provide the name and birth data of the target person)
    – other relationships (please provide the name and birth date of the target person)
    – job
    – other (please specify).
    Write about 5-6 sentences if necessary.

After receiving your money and email, Dr. Saulat sends you a confirmation email and starts to work on your spell based on your horoscope.

Usually, within 1 week, you get his 2nd email in which he answers all your questions and informs you on the results of the analysis of your horoscope. In a short reading he will tell about your general nature, life line, health, what protection you must take, why you have problems, and what kind of solutions he sees.

It takes only 2-3 weeks and your spell (+ gem stone) arrives via DHL. Please wear it for the next 3 months or take it in your purse. Both should be very near to you as they are charged and will start to work for you.



Spell casting by Dr. Saulat involves several rituals that take his time. For this reason there is NO REFUND.

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