money talismanmoney talismandollar signNow how to make a TALISMAN, making a talisman is like a science and is not an easy work. You will need a parchment paper, on the paper you will make a big square and inside the square you will make 9 slots in such a way that all are of equal shaped and sizes, then on every square particular number is written that will be in the slot and like this there will be 9 slots having different numbers in each square. As I have said before that making talisman is like a science and changing the numbers in the slots will improve the work of the talisman, like this talismans, are prepared for different purposes, like talisman for love, talisman for money, talisman for protection and so on.

Also, one more important thing I will say is that you may not take MAGICAL TALISMANS as a game or a joke as misusing the talismans can be harmful also.

That is why it is important that you don’t make a talisman and let any professional guru prepare the talisman for you as you will be sure that a proper talisman is made in amanner that will give you positive and excellent results.

Wooden Talismans are used as a crucial weapon in African Magick, In Africa where black magic is very common, only talismans are used depending on the needs of the person. And all the talismans that are used in African Magic is made of wood. Also In Thailand where dark magic is very prominent the use of talismans is very common for example there Dark Magic involved wooden penis talisman.


Many times Magical Talismans made of brass is used for having a safe and pleasant journey, but the talisman should be a genuine one that will actually give results. Also it is not important to wear a talisman only when you have problems, I have seen that there are many who wear Talismans as an ornament, so that it will always keep the wearer protected and the wearer will be protected from future problems. On my website, you will be able to find talisman for all purposes, and if you have any questions then you can always email me, and I will guide you accordingly. A magical talisman is more than a neat-looking faith ornament.


Also, many times talismans can be engraved on gem stones also. Stones specially big Agate stones are used, and talismans are engraved on them.

Agate is a very positive gem stone and with the talismans on it they become more stronger and powerful and will give you faster results.

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