Here I am discussing about the power of our Brain and how by exploring this power you can become a strong and powerful person.

As we all know and even science has proved that we humans are able to use only about 10 per cent  or only a small percentage of our brain and the rest is unexploited.

Our Brain is a most important organ of our body. And there are many hidden secrets that are yet to be discovered about our brain.

brain as our important organ


Any person who has used  more than 10 per cent of his brain has become famous, or has done some invention, discovery, even Nostradamus who had predicted the future was about to use more than 50 per cent of his brain because of which he was able to see the  future. So the key lies in exploring our mind that has answers to all the solution.

 Now you will have a question that how you can do this or how can you make full use of your Brain???. The answer lies in meditation.  With the power of meditation you can explore your brain and the more you do so the more power you will get.

The key is that you will have to remove some time for yourself. As now when life is so fast no one has time to concentrate on himself. But if you want your brain to be powerful then with the power of meditation you can explore the powers of your brain and can do miracles your own self.


I will give you an example of an incident that happened in INDIA. There was this  man called RAGHU. He had a tumour in his head and doctors had confirmed that it was the last stage and he would not survive. When he came to know this he was very upset as even the doctors had given up on him. Then he was introduced to the power of meditation where he started commanding his brain to heal him. He used to sit for hours and hours every day with his eyes closed and concentrating hard on his brain and commanding his brain to heal him. And then after one month there was a miracle. When he went for a check-up he was told that his cancer was gone and he was healed. Now here what happened and one may think how all this happened, the answer lies in our brain. What Raghu did was started concentrating on that part of his brain that was not used before and while concentrating on his brain he activated his brain power that started working for him and healed him completely.

Also in India there are many Mountains where people are meditating since years and are alive without eating or drinking, this is another example of Brain power, where science fails. If you are able to control your Brain as per your wish then you will be able to do miracles with the power of your brain and all this is possible by activating that part of our brain that needs  to be explored.



Saulat khan