How to Cast Spells, or how do I cast a spell.

I don’t know how or what others do to cast the spell, but spell casting is an art, it requires lots of energy and hard work if you want to achieve the best results.

I don’t know what others do or how other spell casters cast their spells. I will discuss what I do and how you should cast the spell to see the positive results.

Before spell casting,  it is extremely vital that you meditate at least for 30 minutes. Meditate and keep your mind clear so that all positive thoughts will enter your mind. As for spell casting you will need lots of positive energy as remember if you don’t have any positive energy with you, then the spell will never give reliable or positive results.

meditate before casting a spellYou have to meditate so that you are filled with positive energy, and then when you will cast the spell, your energy will be so strong and powerful that it will open the doors of the universe where your spell will be manifested.

Also, another vital thing is to have, faith, trust and confidence in you while casting the spell. If you are casting a Love Spell or Money Spell, it is extremely beneficial to believe in yourself, have faith and make your intentions clear so that the universe also will know your intention and your wish.

I believe in my spell, I have clear intentions, and I know that it will show positive results.

I use one of the 4 elements while casting my spell: Earth, Air, Water or Fire.

Knowing the actual Moon phases (see on the right side)  is essential you just can’t cast the spell at any time, as depending on the spell moon phases are chosen so that the universe is filled with energy to manifest your spell.

Before I cast the spell I always cleanse myself with special oil so that my energy is in contact with the universe. Many times I use different colored candles, gem stones, herbs for spell casting.

Also along with the spell casting, I prefer preparing a special talisman for my customers. This talisman is prepared with the name and birth date details of the client in a way that when she or he will wear/use the talisman, the spell gets charged, and the talisman emits lots of energies and positive vibrations in order to deliver faster and better results.