FAST MONEY – Spellcaster Dr. Saulat’s review

Regarding the above video yes I agree with what she is doing. However, there are still other important factors as well.

It is true that we all need money as without it we cannot survive.
Many of my readers, who are interested in free spells want to cast the spell immediately. Often they don’t get any results and then blame that the spells don’t work. They self-esteem gets low again. If you will cast the spell the wrong way, you will never succeed. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. It means that if you will cast a money spell and sit in your house and don’t do any hard work then don’t expect the spell to work for you. While spell casting, it is important for you to do your job also. However, if you are working hard, and you are not getting any promotion, the use of spellcasting (in this case that of the money spell) is right. And as a result, you will get your promotion, increment in salary and so on. This time money spell works for you.

Here is another example to understand how to use spells and especially money spell.
Its like you are in search of money like to open a business or money for building a house and so on, now if you will just sit in the house and cast the money spell for the same and if you don’t do any hard work or struggle don’t expect that money will come knocking on your door. After spell casting, you will have to work hard to get the results, like asking your friends for money, or going for a bank loan, etc and you will see that suddenly some of your friends is ready to lend you some money, or even your loan is approved, suddenly you may find some money in the house, etc, here we say that money spell worked for you.

Before castimg a spell, cleansing is a crucial factor. We all meet different people during the day, and many times we get negative energies from such people. Like if we are watching a comedy movie, our mood gets good. Similarly if we see a horror movie we are scared after the film, because we get affected by our surroundings. And if we meet a negative person. many times we may accept his negative energy. With the negative energy around us we come across problems like bad luck, accidents, things going in the wrong ways etc. And when we are so negative and if we try to cast a spell, nothing will happen there will be no results, everytime you try the outcome will be negative and you will feel as a total failure.

That’s why it is important to go for cleansing before spell casting. There are many ways cleansing can be done. The easiest way, that I will suggest, is that take a bucket of water and pour few drops of ROSE WATER in it, the water will be charged and when you will have bath in that water all the negative energies, that are on you or sticking to you, will be absorbed by the Rose Water and you will be clean from any type of negative energy.
Also, you can use special INCENSE STICKS, like sandal incense is superb in absorbing negative energies. What you can do is burning 5 incense sticks, and while they are burning, you will have to be there and let the smoke reach you. All the negative energies will be gone, and you will be clean and free from negative energies. Now you are ready to cast the spell.
One more paramount way of cleansing is with the help of SANDAL PERFUME.
Here what you will have to do is that take a bucket of water, and in the bucket of water, pour 10-15 drops of the pure sandal perfume. After that let the perfume mix with the water completely and then have a bath with the water, the water will clean all will make you free from the negative energies of the people around you and then when you will cast the spell, you will see that the results will be very useful. Using this method, your mind and thoughts get pure and, also your concentration will be very strong, and you will get positive results.

Sometimes, it seems easier to order a money spell from the professional spellcaster. Act now, because this week only, you get 5 duly prepared incenses with your talisman delivered to your door.

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