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What is Black Magic?

The simple definition is that black magic is a method of achieving impossible or selfish wishes  with the help of evil spirits, blood sacrifice, worshiping demon etc.

 Many times there are people who prefer Black Magic Compared to White Magic as Black Magic does give father results then White Magic.

 But let me warn you, Black Magic does give faster results but it also back fires many times and can harm you in a very bad way.

Black Magic Example 

I will explain to you how this happens, often while casting Black Magic Spells you will send negative energies to the universe, and once this happens then the universe will take its revenge on you by sending your negative energies back to you and once this happens then you will always be in trouble.

Black Magic sometimes will fulfills your wishes but on the cost of sacrificing or losing some thing precious of your life.

Like I will give you an example: if you will cast a Black Magic Spell for money, after the spell casting what happens is that you get the news of the death of your close one , and his money is passed on to you. So what has happened here is that you did got the money but at the cost of the death of someone close in your family.

That’s why it is always important to cast white magic spells, that does take time to manifest but results will be there and this will also be safe and will not have any side effects.


God Bless

Saulat Khan

5th generation spell caster