Chakra Activation for Enhancing Money Spells

Dr. Saulat sends you amazing money spells based on your birth chart and asks you to enhance the power of his spells by preparing yourself for the better flow of energy.

A nice meditation aiming at chakra activation my help your money spells come true much easier.

Your Attitude And The Art of Spell Casting

Spell is a prayer like a thought or wish that you desire or what you want and then putting this wish in the universe to manifest is what we call a Spell. By this way, you are sending your intention out into the universe where it will manifest and will give you positive results.

Now extremely crucial thing that I will say is, it is particularly crucial that you are decidedly positive and that you have a desire or need to cast the spell so that it will manifest if you don’t have a need and just you want to try a spell then you will never get any results. It is particularly vital that you are extraordinarily focused, and you are highly accurate that what is your wish and want the universe to accept and manifest the spell.

So it is extremely crucial that you are exceedingly clear, and your mind is exceptionally clear about what is your wish, and what do you want and the reason why you are casting the spell. Cast the spell with full positive attitude and energy and you will see the positive results in your favor.

So have faith in yourself and in your spell and see how it will help you.

One more valuable thing that I feel always keep your spell casting a secret. Don’t let others know if you are casting a spell or what is the reason for spell casting, sometimes it happens that the person with whom you are discussing your spell is extremely negative, and while you are casting the spell with positive energy, also negative energy of that person may harm or affect the spell so keep your spell casting a secret till it is manifested.

And the universe itself has lots of positive energies which will combine with your energy and will give you positive result.

How do you cast a spell?

There are different ways of spell casting, it is possible that many times you may cast the spell unknowingly and that do manifest. If you have a wish, and you may utter the wish in your mind that you need something and then your wish turns out to be a reality that means that the spell has worked, as you have sent your energy in the universe to get manifested and it happens, this is called spell and which is real magic.

Also, sometimes you may write your wish on a piece of paper and that also is called spell casting, sometimes you may do the spell casting with lots of rituals and ceremonies etc and whatever you are doing the basic concept is to send you wish in the form of a prayer with positive energy to the universe, where your wish will manifest, and your wishes will be granted. I have always said that you need lots of positive energy to cast a spell.

The basic idea of spell casting is sent your thought or ideas to the universe as what you wish, and the universe that is full of power and energy does manifest your idea and does miracles.

There are 4 basic types of spells, and they are Earth Spell, Fire Spell, Air Spell and Water Spell. It means that while spell casting we can use earth, fire, air and water as a medium for sending our message or energy to the universe in order to Manifest.

Earth Spell is terribly slow, and it takes time to manifest, for example if you are lazy and you wish to change yourself to be active, again this is a slow process so you can use earth as a medium for spell casting. Like you may take any fruit like apple, orange or banana, you may take red ink and write on the fruit that you want to quit being lazy and will be active, then you may burry the fruit in the ground and as the fruit gets rotten your spell will be manifested and so this is a slow process that’s why we say that Earth Spell is the slowest process

Fire Spell is the fastest working spell, for example you take a Candle and then wish some thing on the candle, then you will burn the candle as the candle burns your wishes or spells travel the universe extremely fast as the fire burns your messages are accepted by the universe that’s why I say fire spell is the fastest spell.

Then we have Air Spell, it can be anything like you go on the top of the mountain and shout loudly like what do you want or wish, by doing this air is the medium that takes your wishes to the universe and so will call this an Air Spell.

Water Spell requires water as the medium for spell casting. Like if you have a wish you may write it on the paper and then throw it in the sea or river, again this is a slow working spell, but the idea of all the spells is to sending your message to the universe so that it can be manifested.

Money Spells That Work Fast

These days, money spells belong to the most popular services – often as a last resort for people in financial need.
You are on the right site, if you want improve your energy channels and remove blocks that make you a magnet of things and issues you never wanted. Spells in general work faster if you do your part of the work: after ordering a money spell from Dr.Saulat, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally by adding a powerful meditation or prayer (affirmations) to your daily routine.
The next video, an amazing summary of what you need to know about aligning yourself with the universe, teaches you ancient wisdom packed in easy to understand, and simple to remember words you can repeat during the day. Every time a negative emotion generates negative thoughts, change them by thinking on images or situations you actually like. Joy and love is the best treatment to discontinue money blocks.
It is easier said than done. I know. To overcome your inner chatter and rewrite your true story, you will repeat this often, very often. Changes occur slowly or suddenly, depending on your personal mental state- never give up!
Money spells alter your vibration. Watch the video, enjoy your new emotions and expect miracles. They exist – also in your life.

Dr. Saulat’s Power Spells Enhance Your Meditation

The following video is teaching a meditation technique that will improve the quality of your life. Everyone should experience the blessings of meditation. However, it usually takes a long time until you get enough cosmic energy in order to fulfill you secret wishes.
Dr. Saulat’s spiritual help may be an amazing shortcut to reach your dreams. Watch the video and ask Dr. Saulat for a meditation enhancing power spell.

Money Spells & Your Relaxing Options

Need money spells?

There is always hope and always you get the possibility to ask for help. You have already told that everything is energy.

Change your vibrations and if at the beginning it is not easy, you can order a money spell and practice meditationat the same time.



Spell Casting At Home

If you want to try spell casting…

Spell casting always seems to be presented as a ritual that involves tools we normally don’t have in our household: special candles, magical potions, oils, powders etc. Most of us fear of failure as well.

Many people think, if they cast the spell by themselves, they could save some money. However, this may cost them more, because spells appear on the horizon when we are in need of something (money, love, job, better relationship). The feeling of not having enough makes us insecure. And this is the main reason why self-made spells do not work as often as we hope. If you are stressed about your job, bill payments, family issues, etc. this could throw off your focus and the spell will either not work or its effectiveness of it will be less.

At the same time, you have the possibility to learn better focusing and controlling your mind. With practice, you can reach your spell casting goals.

The most important preparation is your mindset and your body. I always suggest meditation, and cleansing baths before attempting a spell, so you can be fresh for the task. Many spell casters will tell you to perform your spell in special robes you keep solely for this purpose, but you may dress in whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Spell Casting Tools You Need


The altar belongs to the necessary tools of spell casting. If you do not have your altar yet, it is very simple to construct. Altars are small tables and covered in a white or black cloth. You can easily make your own and infuse your energy into it.

Spell Casting Music

When casting spells, you may choose to play a special kind of music during your spell. It is not very common yet that mind wave entrainment, a relatively new technology, also may boost your efforts reaching the right mindset. By listening to theta music, your meditation abilities get deeper and easier.

When casting a spell with “normal” music, the volume should be kept to a minimum so as to maintain your focus on your wishes.


Candles are must have tools in spell casting. They provide the right lighting, and each candle color is attributed with certain goals or ‘wish energy’, for example, a red candle would be used for a love spell. Green candles are used for money spells etc.

If you need candles prepared for you based on your horoscope, please click here.

To be continued …

Feel Better

This was written by the late Walter Brennan:

A man needs to know

A man needs to know that he’s bad and he’s good,
He can be what he hopes, he can be understood.
A man needs to feel he can conquer a fall,
For a man who can kneel has the strength to stand tall.
A man needs to know he can share and confide,
Even though he’s frightened way down deep inside.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.
A man needs to know at the end of his rope,
He can handle his fears; he can build on his hope.
A man must believe he can change when he must,
He can learn to receive; he can learn how to trust.
And why must a man feel afraid and alone,
When each of us has the same fears of his own.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.
A man has to live when it’s painful to try,
For a man needs to laugh and a man needs to cry.
A man has a need to strive and prevail,
He must learn to succeed and find out why he failed.
To carry his crown and to fill-up his cup,
Sometimes he drops down so that he can reach up.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.

To Your Success & Happiness!

A Simple Free Money Spell

 Self-Made Money Spells May Work

As seen in the video, you may try to do it by yourself.  I am getting very often the question, whether spells casted by a Master work better.


The answer to the above question is not easy, as I want to tell you the truth. Sometimes money spells casted at home are working, sometimes they don’t. And there are also times, when spells casted by a real master (as seen in the video or by Dr. Saulat personally), require time (weeks or months) to begin to work. This is due to your personal astrological chart and is being influenced by your attitude and energy level as well.
If you order a spell from Dr. Saulat, you do not need to

  • buy ingredients (candle, oils etc.)
  • learn how to cast the spell the right way
  • worry about the results.

A Money Spell can make life so much easier and can even make all your dreams you’ve been having for long years come true now!


Have Faith in Spells and Everything Improves

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Everytime you order a spell, please focus on positive thinking and maintaining a positive attitude. This is not alsways easy. However, by watching videos like you see above, the feeling of beauty improves your mood and leads to more optimism.

Avoid old patterns and be open to receive energy that is in align with your stars. Miracles exist, they are within you!




What Is a Spell?

Spell Casting for Your Better Life

Please remember, my spells are based on the important principle of harming none. Spells are a series of repetitive chants and specific actions in order to direct psychic energies to your wishes and desires.

Many people want to know whether they work or not. My spells work most of the time and can help activating your inner magick.

If you expect a large lottery jackpot from a spell, that is quite impossible as there are too many aspects that need to come together at a certain moment. In times when your stars are not strong enough (my AstroReading can tell you where they are now and what to expect for the next 20 days, 2 months and year to come), spells can help make them stronger and avoiding losses. However, if the magick within you is almost ready to appear, you may see wonders because my spells boost the process of manifestation.

Imagine my spells as the tools of giving momentum to your good future.

Regarding love spells, they may help you to realize you desire in  case the person you love and want back has the same will. We all have our own will and cannot force others to suppress theirs.

Spells Q & A Interview with the Master

Tell me please about your childhood. When did you know that you are spiritually gifted?

I belong to a spiritual family and this is a tribe which goes from family to family. My forfathers were from ancient UNAN and then they came and settled in INDIA. I have learnt all my spiritual work from my father as this is a tradition that will go from me to my son. Spiritual Field is a very different world, where you can attain, peace, get in touch with your subconcious mind and also can heal others with the help of positive energies around you and the universe.

I do prepare talismans and charms with the help of vedic astrology where details like birth date etc are taken and calculations are done so that the talisman will work for the wearer and will do wonders

Who was teaching you?
I have got all the spiritual knowledge from my grand father and father and also done my own research and have discovered that no one is at peace, every person is tensed and worried , and thats why inner peace, meditation, etc is very important. Because of restlesnes there are many diseases people get at a very young age, thats why spiritual knowledge and getting inner peace is very important and with the help of meditation, inner peace all the diseases etc can be solved.

There are many with love problems etc with the help of spiritual knowledge and proper talismans we can make a persons stars strong and solve these problems such as love, money etc

Also nowdays if there is success there is also failure. There is jealousy, black magic , evil eye etc and thats why getting spiritual protection is a must. And without spiritual protection, life becomes a living hell and I do get hundreds of emails every day where people are disturbed mentally and are looking for inner peace.

What is your choice to study Ayurveda? Why did you study it?
Ayurvedic medicines are very safe and the medicines are easily available in india and also they dont have side affects, so I do prepare medicines as some times indian medicines can give better resulst then allopathic medicines

Also i am into gemstone healing that is changing yourself by the positive energy of gem stones.

Do you see a link between spiritual healing and Auyrveda? We know about Ayurvedic horoscopes.  Why are they more recise than other horoscopes?
Spiritual healing and ayurveda are two different fields. But they both are used for healing, one is spiritually, mentally and other one is physically.
In which field did you get your ebst results?  Health? Money?

Regarding results, if you are using spells, talismans etc with a positive attitude, and keep in your mind that you will get results, then this command will be accepted by your sub conscious mind and the spell or the talisman will also absorb energies from the universe to give you poistive results


Can you feel whether you can help a client or not? Do you tell them the truth?

Yes I am positive that the spiritual goods do work as I have seen in the past that they have done wonders and miracles and so will work for any one who has faith and trust in them